Maximised Productivity with Increased Practicality

PIC®X54 is the value proposal for producers that consider herd productivity as main competitive advantage. The PIC®X54 allows to maximise weaned piglets per sow per year with an increasing functional sow facilitating the performance in growing, larger units.

The PIC®X54 differs from other hyper-prolific sows:

  • Provides large litters to produce more than 30 pigs per sow & year, with the objective to achieve 34+.
  • Improves piglet quality thanks to PIC selection traits: Individual birth weight, teats, defects
  • Increases robustness thanks to leg score & mortality selection traits

The PIC®X54 comes with PIC’s commitment to customer success through economically relevant breeding goals, a variety of services and a healthy supply chain.

Incorporates accelerated genetic gain

The PIC®X54 is the latest addition to PIC’s female portfolio – a F1 hybrid sow based on two hyper-prolific damlines.

Large Elite population with European focus

Since the inclusion of the new damlines L04 (hyper-prolific Landrace) and L05 (hyper-prolific Yorkshire) in 2018 PIC expanded the Elite populations significantly, resulting in an European pure-bred population which is as large as any genetic supplier for hyper-prolific lines globally. Larger populations allow higher selection intensity and provide more data for accelerated genetic improvement.

Applying the full set of PIC’s Genomic Tools

Large scale genotyping combined with meaningful data capture increases accuracy of selection decisions significantly – for faster genetic gain.

Improving more and more relevant characteristics

To select for a hyper-prolific and functional sow, relevant traits need to be included in the overall index. PIC combines quantity and quality traits. While continuing to further improve litter size PIC is selecting for more teats, higher birth weights and improved pre-wean survival, less defects and better semen quality.

Robust Sow delivers high quality piglets

Improved Sow Robustness

Locomotive issues are high important culling reasons in hyper-prolific lines. PIC’s detailed leg scoring captures data which are included in the selection index. This allows selection for strong females with high retention rates and long productive lives.

Improved Piglet Birth Weight

PIC increases individual piglet birth weight while maintaining high prolificacy. Within the past two years PIC has increased birth weight by 50 g. In consequence pig- lets are more vital and show higher performance in sub- sequent production stages.