Future-proof performance

The PIC800 is the best choice for producers who value traditional Duroc traits such as fast growth, feed efficiency, throughput and robustness.

The PIC800 provides extra value thanks to additional selection on meat quality and robustness traits, making it the ideal Duroc for keeping competitive advantage in demanding pork markets.

Overall, the PIC800 is the Duroc with the lowest production cost available.

  • Excellent growth rate
  • Strong feed efficiency
  • Superior durability and throughput
  • Excellent meat quality and carcass value
  • Most full-value pigs marketed

Our Duroc programme is designed to help you breed more robust pigs that grow faster and deliver better eating satisfaction.

This makes the PIC800 the best Duroc available to face today’s and future challenges.

PIC800 is the Duroc for today and the future

PIC has invested significantly in the Duroc population in order to face current & future challenges:

  • Doubling pure matings
  • Inclusion of new processes, e.g. recording of IMF at off-test
  • Inclusion of different and new traits as tenderness & primal values.

Investments have led to accelerated genetic gain at the nucleus level

Growth and efficiency at the next level.

The PIC800 has proven its superiority in various commercial trials.