About Us

Our goal is simple: We strive to make our customers the most successful pig producers in the world.

We do this by investing in making a better pig and making that pig better every day. Our genetics are selected with a focus on total economics to maximize the profit for the pork value chain. At the same time, we make sure a healthy, high volume, high indexing supply is available across the globe. Our producers have access to a global team who supports them to maximize the value for their business.

Genetic Improvement

We apply science and economics to make a better pig.

We improve the performance of our pigs by combining advanced science with a practical understanding of the biology of the pig and the needs of producers. We select traits that are commercially relevant for producers and fulfill market demands. And we focus on uncovering or developing technologies we believe will help accelerate the rate of genetic gain.

We continuously invest in all levers of genetic improvement to create more value. We invest in population size, seek differentiated germplasm, and invest in better data capture and algorithms to improve the accuracy of our selection.

We apply those improvements to multiple pure lines to develop specific products that fit different production systems and breeding goals. And we continuously adjust supply with market demands, to be able to make the best products available to our customers.

Our History

PIC, which stands for ‘Pig Improvement Company,’ was founded in 1962 in Oxfordshire, England.

In the mid-50s, a group of six pig farmers under the visionary leadership of Ken Woolley formed a study group that came together in a pub in Wallingford and later in the White Hart in Nettlebed. They discussed how pig breeding in the UK lagged behind breeding practices elsewhere in Europe. They believed in applying the latest science to pig breeding to make a better pig. This study group led to the foundation of PIC. Phil David, PIC’s leader in the 90s and early 2000s, summarized the vision of the founders very well: “With a clear customer focus, one of the company’s strengths is in balancing scientific pursuit with the commercial realities of the world of business.”

Today, PIC and its employees are still realizing the founders’ dream. By applying the latest science to pig breeding, PIC provides pig producers with superior pigs that cost less to produce and deliver higher quality pork.

Social Commitment

We recognize our social obligations.

With a global supply chain, we recognize our social obligations to the communities we operate in and the animals we manage. PIC is committed to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and animal well-being.

Across the globe, we aim to implement best practices for animal care and environmental sustainability in compliance with local laws. We continually assess and, where possible, improve the impact of our operations on the environment and our animals.

PIC is committed to providing the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to support an effective environmental policy and animal care plan. We aim to set the standards in all of the countries in which we operate.



Møllevang partnership established


Hermitage acquisition of genetic rights and strategic partnership


First gene-edited pig showing PRRS-resistance is announced


PIC implements relationship-based genomics, increasing rate of gain by over 35%


PIC acquired Génétiporc, Inc.


Development of the new Genetic Nucleus (APEX)


Sireline GNXbred introduced


Development for the new Canadian Genetic Nucleus (Aurora) begins


PICTraqTM introduced


PIC acquires NPD


PIC is the first to use a DNA probe to test for the halothane gene


Acquisition of Kleen Lean Genetics


PIC is the first to demonstrate selection for prolificacy


The first Camborough gilts were delivered


PIC (Pig Improvement Company) is founded


First discussion groups, from which the PIC concept grew, held at the “White Hart” at Nettlebed, England