Efficient growth, easily managed

Efficient, robust and manageable. These are the key attributes of the progeny of the PIC®380, PIC’s solution to the UKs market need. The perfect balance between PIC’s most successful sires provides excellent economic results, making it an ideal choice for your farm.

The PIC380 is a F1 boar based on the PIC337 and PIC800.

The PIC380 combines the best attributes of both of these proven industry leading boars in the UK and Irish markets.

Economic drivers:

  • Excellent quality pigs born
  • Robust from birth to bacon
  • Ease of management through production chain
  • Excellent Average Daily Gain
  • Excellent Feed conversion
  • Very low P2 at heavy weights
  • Very good carcass value

PIC UK launched this new sire during the Virtual Pig Fair on May 12th & 13th, 2020.
Click below to view the presentation Dr Craig Lewis, Genetic Services Director PIC Europe, introducing the PIC380 at PIC UK’s Virtual Pig Fair in May 2020.