Technical Support

Genetic potential is only valuable if it’s realized in commercial farms. Our global technical support teams are committed to working with you to unlock the genetic potential of our pigs. Our job is to understand your goals and help you achieve those goals. We listen, discuss, and share our knowledge and resources to get the most value from your genetic investment.

We’ve assembled a 100+ member global team with expertise across all areas of pork production and offer a variety of technical resources, including comprehensive manuals, interactive decision-making tools, technical articles and podcasts.

Genetic Management

Over 25 geneticists support on-farm genetic programs and implementation to reduce genetic lag for consistent performance and production experience. Industry-leading multiplication and boar stud management along with on-farm genetic program implementation drive realized genetic gains. 


Our reproduction team develops and supports best practice implementation in sow farms and boar studs to achieve the highest level of success. Leverage our team and resources to reach your production goals.


When pigs enter the wean-to-finish barn, the goal is to get those pigs to market as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our wean to finish team breaks wean-to-finish into four focus areas: quality weaned pig, health, nutrition and marketing strategy. They’ve developed tools are resources to support you with every turn.


Nutrition is one of the essential components to realizing genetic potential. Our nutrition team is committed to helping you find and deliver the best-cost nutritional support for your commercial pig production system to reach your goals.

Applied Meat Science

Each step along the pork production chain impacts pork quality. Managing the unique factors at your step will help you maximize carcass value and pork quality. Our team is here to help with in-house and collaborative research and experiences auditing and analyzing pork processing facilities to support producers and processors.