Unrivaled Performance,
Achieved Efficiently

The Camborough® brings long-standing history of performance and accelerated genetic improvement through PIC’s genetic development program. She is the ideal choice for producers who need an efficient, high performing sow that yields more uniform pigs with heavier weights in all conditions.

The Camborough® differentiates herself from other female genetics:

  • Yields the lowest cost per weaned pig
  • Contributes to high performing progeny
  • Demonstrates strong performance across multiple environments

The Camborough® is predictable and easy to manage and comes with PIC’s commitment to customer success through economically relevant breeding goals, a variety of services and a healthy supply chain.

Camborough® – Unrivaled Performance, Achieved Effieciently

Lowest cost per weaned pig

As compared to other genetic suppliers, achieved through:

More productive days

The Camborough® reaches puberty younger and has a shorter wean-to-oestrus interval for earlier breeding and faster rebreeding. As a result, the Camborough® drives sow herd efficiency with more productive days in her lifetime.

Lower feed cost

The Camborough® costs less feed per pig weaned pig compared to competior sows, indicating her superior feed efficiency. On average, she eats 100 – 150 kg less feed per year than competitive sows.

Strong mothering ability

The Camborough® has more teats to rear pigs, reducing the need for nurse sows and extra labour needed to move and manage pigs. At PIC Elite Farms, 58% of gilts had 16+ functional teats in 2019.

Contribution to high-performing progeny

More and stronger piglets ready to grow

PIC has improved birth weight and pre-wean survival, while litter size has grown as well. Over the last 5 years, the percent of pigs born below 900 g has decreased 6 %, from 14 % to 8 %. Industry research shows pigs born with less than 900 g are less viable, have a higher pre-wean mortality and lower post-weaning performance. The Camborough® delivers stronger pigs that grow faster. This improvement is observed in day-to-day performance in PIC Elite Farms.

Ability to perform across multiple environments

Robust mother

Through selection and testing strategies feet and leg score throughout PIC Elite Farms have improved and maximised sow retention. The Camborough excels in various housing systems across multiple geographies, achieving greater than 30 PSY and less than 5 % sow mortality.

Graphic: Pigs Weaned per Sow and Year – PIC Europe Benchmark 2021

The PIC Europe Benchmark includes data from 18 countries: Around 666k sows on 465 farms.