PICinnovation: Progress in development of PRRS Resistant Pigs

As the UK government moves forward with their Precision Breeding in Agriculture bill, PIC UK last week welcomed producers from all over the country to three regional meetings on our PRRS Resistant Pigs.

Hosted by PIC UK’s Commercial Director Steve Furniss, speakers from PICs global teams discussed the global and regional impact of PRRS on our pig herds. With the devastating impact of this disease they outlined the many benefits that PRRS resistant pigs can have to producers, retailers and consumers, covering improvements in welfare, sustainability, efficiency, antimicrobial use and more.

The events were a great success in informing of the progress so far in the development and acceptance of this technology, with questions and feedback received demonstrating the appetite producers have for implementation of this technology on their farms.

Given this, we look forward to continuing to engage with the UK industry and provide support and information on this technology as we move forward and look to combat this devastating disease.