Comprehensive index update for the PIC lines

On the weekend of July 22/23, PIC implements an index update for almost all lines worldwide. In addition to routine adjustments, which are necessary from time to time due to updated correlations and heritabilities, better data quality and higher data volume, as well as new findings from genotyping, this update introduces two major innovations:

  • Implementation of digital phenotyping for legs and feet assessment for the important PIC lines.
    • PIC’s own development of precision phenotyping
    • Video recording of tens of thousands of animals – terminal sire and dam lines
    • Identification of leg structures that are highly correlated with longevity.
    • Heritability 3x higher than with the previous linear leg description
  • New trait: Reproductive Success
    • One of the two main reasons for the removal of sows is reproductive failure
    • Builds on PIC’s sow longevity projects
    • Historically first in the industry
    • Probability of remaining in the herd beyond the 2nd litter (focus: minimizing removals due to fertility/reproductive disorders)
    • With extensive data and adequate modelling, it is shown that heritability and selection success are similar to litter size.

And – last but not least – the economic weightings of the individual traits have also been adjusted, reflecting the increasing importance of sustainability, animal welfare and feed costs.

With the use of artificial intelligence for precise phenotyping and the establishment of a testing program providing commercial data to the genetic evaluation also on the female side, PIC is once again taking on a pioneering role in innovation.

If you have any questions, please contact PIC’s Genetic Service!