FIGAN 2021 – Fertiboar technology wins another innovation award

The purpose of the Innovation FIGAN Contest is to recognize products that stand out for their improvement or technological innovation, sustainability, and response to market needs. They are a reference in the Spanish market and have a great impact internationally.

Fertiboar technology, after recently winning an Innov’Space award, confirms its status as a major innovation in the search for greater efficiency in the use of boars of high genetic value.

As a result of an intense collaboration between PIC and the IFN (Institute for Reproduction of Farm Animals, Schönow), this technology represents a case of success in the practical application of biotechnology and artificial intelligence for a better prediction of the seminal quality of boars destined for artificial insemination.

Approximately 37% of all boars destined for artificial insemination centres do not pass the minimum AI semen quality standards (Schulze et al. 2014). The application of FertiBoar before delivery reduces that number to ~ 3.7% while benefiting pig producers in general with an improvement in semen quality and greater security in the supply of boars with the highest genetic potential.

Its progressive implementation on Elite farms of the PIC supply chain will increase the efficiency and reliability of the AI boars contributing to it, accelerating the dissemination of genes from boars with high genetic merit and increasing their impact on PIC customer farms.

For more information, please contact Michael Kleve-Feld, Director of Applied Male Reproduction at PIC:, or contact your regular PIC contact.