Welcome to PIC Genetics (Ireland)

Hermitage is a licenced producer and distributer of PIC Genetics.

PIC is a world leading pig genetics company operating in over 40 countries.

PIC sells genetically superior breeding pigs and semen to pig producers, so they can breed commercial pigs with desirable characteristics for the pork industry. We also provide technical services and advice to pig producers, to maximise the performance of PIC genetics in their farms.

PIC Hermitage

In 2017 Hermitage entered into a strategic partnership with PIC, the global leader in pig genetics. Hermitage is a family-owned company which has grown from its foundation as a pedigree pig breeding business in 1958.

As a result, we were able to join forces and expand our areas of expertise. PIC is responsible for the breeding programmes, integrating genomics into product research & development. Our collective efforts and dedication are geared towards ensuring our customers stay ahead in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Hermitage Farms and Genetic Transfer Centre (GTC) network

PIC genetics from these Hermitage facilities are exported worldwide.