Welcome to PIC Hermitage Genetics

Hermitage is a family-owned company which has grown from its foundation as a pedigree pig breeding business in 1958.
In 2017 Hermitage entered into a strategic partnership with PIC, the global leader in pig genetics.

As a result, we were able to join forces and expand our specific core competencies. Since then, PIC has been responsible for research and development and takes care of everything that not only keeps the engine of breeding progress running, but also increases its speed.

With our excellently managed breeding facilities, we play a crucial role in transferring the generated genetic improvement to the commercial production level.
This includes the breeding and multiplication of PIC GGP lines, careful selection based on genotype and phenotype, the operation of high health insemination stations and management of the corresponding supply chains including transportation. This ensures that the latest genetics always reach you on time, safe and sound.