HKScan Sweden and PIC in joint new venture on the Hampshire pig breed

HKScan Sweden is now starting a breeding collaboration with PIC, the world’s leading player in pig genetics, for the next step in the development of its sire breed Hampshire.

The collaboration gives HKScan access to PIC’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, which creates excellent opportunities for further improvement of the Hampshire pig’s characteristics and, by extension, good development opportunities for Swedish pig breeding in general.

Hampshire breeding in Sweden celebrates 50 years this year and the sire breed is today completely dominant in the Swedish market with just under 70% market share. In other words, the breed is highly valued – it is robust, healthy, calm and well adapted to Swedish pig production. Hampshire is also exported to Great Britain, Norway, Belgium and Denmark, where it is used for quality brands, among other things.

“We are proud and excited to be able to start this collaboration with PIC, and also the fact that they see such great potential in the breed, based on their world-leading expertise.

The collaboration gives us completely new opportunities in the further development of Hampshire and Swedish pig breeding, which in turn creates good conditions for the future in Swedish pig farming in general”, says Magnus Lindholm, Vice President Animal Sourcing at HKScan Sweden.

Today, breeding work is carried out on two breeding herds in Sweden and one in Norway. In connection with the start of the collaboration with PIC, a development investment is also being made at one of these units, Esered’s Farm in Halland, where a new stable will begin to be built in 2024. The investment in the new stable enables more efficient production with even higher infection protection safety and the goal is a significantly increased population of Hampshire and thus greater breeding grounds and higher genetic progress.

“It feels great to get started on the new building! It will be a real boost and a big step forward for the business and also for Swedish pig breeding in general,” says Anders Lorentzon, who runs Esered’s Farm.

Today, PIC is the leading pig genetics company in the world, operating across numerous countries. PIC are pioneers and the global leader in applying scientific advancements to practical pig production such as genomic selection and the use of digital technology to evaluate pig leg structure, PIC offer a diverse array of breeds designed to meet the needs of different markets. Now, PIC are expanding their product portfolio by incorporating HKScan’s  Hampshire.

“We see that there is great development potential, both for the Nordic market in general but also for the Hampshire breed, and look forward to having the opportunity to be involved and contribute to an even stronger and more competitive Swedish pig industry in the future,” says Jack Keane , European Business Development Manager at PIC.

 For more information, please contact

Magnus Lindholm, Vice President Animal Sourcing, HKScan Sverige,

Jack Keane, Business Development Manager Europe, PIC,

HKScan Media desk, tel. +46 8 725 85 10

About PIC

PIC (Pig Improvement Company) is a world leader in pig genetics. PIC provides genetically superior breeding stock to pig producers and supports them with technical services to help them realize their genetic potential. PIC is a subsidiary of Genus, a UK-based company with a vision to pioneer the improvement of animal genetics to help feed the world. For more information about PIC, visit

About Hampshire

67% of Swedish pig producers use Hampshire as a sponsor breed. The breeding work has been done in a closed population in Sweden and the animals have been raised in a free-range system and without tail clipping, which results in calm animals. Thanks to Swedish legislation, the Hampshire pig has been bred and selected in an environment without antibiotics for several generations, which has led to very resistant animals. The breed is the basis of Scan’s Piggham brand and carries the unique so-called RN gene, which gives excellent meat quality.

About HKScan

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