Big success of the South African Hog Day 2022

Hog Day is a 3-day event, held annually by the biggest pork producer group in South Africa – Number 2 Piggeries (N2P)., in which PIC through its partner, ALZU participates actively.

In the group, there is 35 000 sows, 4 abattoirs, 8 dairy units, 2750 ha maize, 950 ha soya, and a beef cattle herd of more than 3500 head.

The theme for this year’s event was “BE INSPIRED” and it was attended by about 100 farm managers that participated in a study group on the first day. Group discussions were held and figures were discussed to analyze production performance and to point out improvements and focus areas. The last two days were attended by an additional 100 delegates that included sponsors. These sponsors brought international speakers to the event, giving this event a world-class stamp. The majority of the presentations were focused on gut health, nutrition, microbiota, sow management, and colostrum management. Some topics on health were also presented, focusing on Oedema disease and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Alteli de Villiers from PIC Europe did a comparison between the South African market and producers vs European standards. She highlighted where South Africa’s market compares extremely well and even excels above some European standards.

Dr. Craig Lewis from PIC Europe gave a genetic update on how indexes improved since PIC South Africa started to import frozen semen in 2017. He also discussed new technologies that are in the pipeline, that will assist with digital leg and locomotive scoring as well as the digital weighing of pigs. PIC South Africa is looking forward to implementing these technologies once they are approved and available.

David Tsebe from PIC Concord gave his feedback from the international trip to Spain that he and some of the other N2P farmers did earlier this year. David couldn’t attend the event in person, but his feedback was presented by means of a video.

PIC initiated and sponsored the Pork Canape starters for the first night’s dinner. It placed focus on the exciting bites that can be created with our beautiful end-product, PORK. The event was closed off by Prof Tim Noakes that highlighted the importance of pork in banting.