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Future-proofed Genetic Improvement - The PIC®800 – a practical example

The pig sector has undergone a continuous development during the last decades, a process that has accelerated during the last 5 years due to increasing globalisation and the implementation of new technologies. Genetic companies have to face these challenges and adapt to the accelerated process of changes. In consequence they need to provide more efficient, more sustainable genetics and services to pig producers globally to ensure and further improve their competitiveness.

Let’s have a look at the challenges of the future pig sector

Never Stop Improving: Genetic Improvement in the Pig Industry

The domestication from the wild boar to the domestic pig centuries ago was the onset of genetic improvement in pigs. Then afterwards, different breeds and lines were developed. At the start of the 20th century herd books in Europe started to maintain pedigree records and advocated selection on physical appearance. This continued into the 1950’s when additional gains were achieved on backfat reduction and growth rate improvement through measuring these traits on individual animals. At the same time, physical appearance was still very important. As data recording methods and genetic evaluation methods evolved, breeding goals changed. At the same time, pig breeding moved from genetic improvement through open herd books towards breeding specific lines by individual breeding companies.

PIC: Where it all began – A small group of Oxford farmers …

Yeisk - New Elite Farm in Russia

For more than 20 years PIC has been a supplier of elite pig genetics from Europe and North America to Rus-sia. PIC’s customers in Russia rank in the top 20 largest pork producers in the country. With Russia’s objective to become one of five world-leading pork exporting countries and ensure local genetic safeguarding and additional contingency, in 2018 PIC decided to find a partner and create a high-level breeding farm in Rus-sia to produce elite sows and boars with high genetic merit.

Progress Through Generations - PIC’s genetic progress continues.

In 1962 PIC was founded in the UK when pig producers weaned an average of less than 10 pigs per sow per year. As an emergence of a monthly discussion group of farmers organised by an agricultural economist of the University of Reading debating how they could improve their pig business the Pig Improvement Company became a genetics provider which has since had such an impact on the global pig and pork production sector. In 2020 some PIC customers achieve with more than 38 pigs per sow per year a quadruplication of the early results.

And the rate of improvement shows no signs of slowing down. Four key pillars are driving accelerated gain:

  1. Large populations drive selection intensity
  2. Meaningful data capture focuses on what’s most important
  3. The best science drives accuracy of selection
  4. Selection is based on realizable commercial profit

PIC Matters June 2020

Freneystown: The latest addition to PIC’s Elite Farm System

PIC delivers genetic improvement with continued expansion
In May 2020, 1,000 gilts and boars traveled with first-class treatment onboard a Boeing 747 from the U.S, landing safely in Dublin, Ireland. They were heading to Freneystown in the Irish countryside, home to Hermitage Genetics’ flagship farm. These animals are some of the most productive in the world, and will form the elite population of the latest addition to PIC’s elite farm network – Freneystown.

Information by PIC Europe Health Assurance Team: Corona-Virus COVID-19

The PIC Europe Health Assurance Team has created a document which provides background information and on-farm staff recommendations regarding the Corona-Virus COVID-19.

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