PIC Matters Newsletter

PIC Matters – The newsletter from the PIC-Team in the UK

PIC Matters Spring 2019

Nutrition Update: Seasonal Diet Formulation for PIC Pigs | PIC’s Pork Quality Blueprint: More than 22 years of innovation and achievement | New Additions to the Team

PIC UK Newsletter Winter 2017/18

Genetic Update: Pig producers worldwide benefit from genetic progress | News from PIC UK: PIC and Hermitage move forward with new Scottish AI facility

PIC UK Newsletter Autumn 2017

Genetic Update: PIC is selecting for real life robust performance | News from PIC UK: The Skinner Family: 50 years partnering with PIC

PIC UK Newsletter Spring 2017

Technical Update: Eight Dimensions of Feed Intake | News from PIC UK: Save the Date: International Outlook Conference | Update: PIC aquires Hermitage Genetics

PIC UK Newsletter December 2016

PIC Pork Quality Programme: A Quarter of a Century of Progress Award Winners 2016 | Pig Farmer of the Year Award: Steve Hart, Norfolk Free Range | National Pig Awards and BQPs Annual Farmer Awards Night

PIC UK Newsletter August 2016

The next step-change in genetic improvement – Sequencing the PIC Genome | Managing Late Breeders | Martin Lewis wins TVC award

PIC UK Newsletter April 2016

Selecting Terminal Sires for Customer Profitability | Proper semen storage and handling on farm

PIC UK Newsletter December 2015

General Management of the PIC Gilt

PIC UK Newsletter August 2015

Welcome to the first PIC UK Newsletter! | Everyone is talking about genomics … Are all things equal? Or: What makes PIC different?