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New Addition to the Team: Fiona Roberts


Fiona joined PIC Technical Resources in January 2019 and is based in Dorset in SW England, married with one son. Having graduated with a degree in physiology, biochemistry and nutrition of farm animals she completed a PhD evaluating the physiological impact of incorporating soluble fibre sources into the diets of growing pigs. Following a postdoctoral placement at the National Institute of Animal Science in Denmark, Fiona has worked variously for a UK pig marketing group, in teaching and research, and as project co-ordinator on the zoonoses prevalence and control programme as part of the Pig Health Team at AHDB (Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board). Before joining PIC ...

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New Addition to the Team: Nick Butler


Nick has worked in agriculture for 32 years - in all aspects and species. He worked for ART Porcine then Innovis closely working with PIC to oversee GTC East and GTC West and the day to day running of the studs. During his time at Innovis, he was also responsible for the sales of all the IMV equipment in the UK including Pig, Cattle, Sheep and Equine. For the past 11 years he has worked in the pharmaceutical sector with Pfizer and Elanco and more recently with MSD Animal Health before moving to PIC ...

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New Addition to the Team: Barrie Hicks


Barrie graduated from Seale-Hayne College in 1976 with a HND in National Resource and Rural Economy, and then managed the Meat Research Institute’s pig unit for 5 years. He then entered the genetics industry in 1985 joining Cotswold, a national breeding company, as an area manager for the South and South West. He covered this area for about 13 years before moving to the North of England for 4 years as a regional sales manager with the same company. In 2001 ...

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2018 - July 19: PIC IS INTRODUCING THE PIC®800


PIC, the global leader in swine genetics, is pleased to announce the introduction of the PIC800, the new gold standard for Duroc terminal sires. The PIC800 is bred to maximize profit for pork producers who value Duroc traits such as robustness, growth, and pork quality.

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PIC Health Asurance - Biosecurity: Are You Prepared?


Will you get a perfect score in this quick quiz? With cases of African Swine Fever emerging in Eastern and Central Europe we challenge you to see if you are already taking the biosecurity action items you should be taking, or if you will learn something new about protecting both your individual operation and the industry as a whole. TRUE or FALSE?

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2017 December 18: PIC and Hermitage move forward with new Scottish AI facility


Last year, in a move to strengthen their positions in the market, PIC acquired genetic rights from Hermitage, with the two companies entering into a strategic partnership. As part of the deal, PIC’s UK studs were transferred to Hermitage to be operated by a new business, Hermitage AI Ltd. The week before Christmas, Hermitage AI re-opened a facility in Scotland, an addition that will see the company operate more than 2,000 boar spaces in Europe – making it one of the most significant players in porcine semen production.

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2017 December 01: PIC Health Assurance Team launches ‘Health Document Portal’


As every member country of the European Union understands, being a part of a group that includes multiple countries and cultures is an ongoing exercise in collaboration. These past few years, the PIC Europe Health Assurance team has been continually striving to implement standardized health protocols across our diverse region while allowing some flexibility for the maintenance of regional best practices. With the help of our Marketing Team, we recently made a big step towards ensuring that every key stakeholder in our region has access to the most current Health Assurance protocols.

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2017 - October 01: Tim Snider, new Director Health Assurance PIC Europe


Tim Snider originates from Canada. Graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph in 1992, he immediately joined a swine only veterinary practice in Western Canada. For the next 19 years, he practiced swine veterinary medicine from his base location in Steinbach, Manitoba. During that time period, he was involved in both private and corporate swine practice. He has worked as both an employee and professional consultant for several breeding stock companies throughout his professional career.

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2017 - September 29: PIC Launches New Gilt & Sow Management Guidelines


We are excited to introduce the latest Guidelines for Gilt & Sow Management. This new manual provides practical recommendations for staff working at a sow farm. PIC experts, PIC customers, and universities from across the globe have contributed to the development of these guidelines.

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Three generations Skinner Family (from left to right): Danny with his wife Alison, Dan and Daniel

2017 - August: The Skinner Family: 50 years partnering with PIC


For over half a century the Skinner family, farming at Lazyfold, Insch, in Aberdeenshire have been running their pig enterprise, partnering with PIC. It was back in 1962 when Dan Skinner and his wife May bought Lazyfold. Today the partnership of Dan & May with their son Danny, wife Alison and now their son Daniel aged 20, run the 440 sow herd and 420 acres of arable land with 3 members of staff. It is only fitting that we should look back and share some thoughts from both Dan who started the business and son Danny.

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PIC represented by (from left to right): Brandon Fields (Product Validation Manager North America), Andrzej Sosnicki (Applied Product Value Director), Neal Matthews (Product Validation Manager North America) and Angela Bononat (Product Validation Manager Europe).

2017 - August 13-18: PIC at International Congress of Meat Science and Technology


The 63rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology was held in Cork, Ireland, from the 13th-18th August, 2017. More than 550 delegates from around the world gathered to share their new findings, practical experiences and lessons learned in their respective fields. Scientists, industry representatives and policy experts attended sessions which covered topics from sustainability, production and welfare to meat safety, processing, and the effect on health. Over 450 posters and short papers were presented over the course of the week and printed in the conference proceedings. PIC was a Gold level sponsor for the congress and one of 24 exhibitors at the congress.

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2017 - July 01: REQUIRED: Breeding Gilt Grow Out accommodation for a PIC Multiplier


A PIC Multiplier with 1,100 sows requires further grow out accommodation to house pigs from 7 kgs up to 100 kgs. The Southern half of the UK is the preferred location but other areas may be considered.

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2017 - June 09: Live from World Pork Expo: PIC Offers Nutrition Manual - Tools to Maximize Profitability


At PIC we are providing genetics as well as the technical expertise to producers to help realize the genetic potential at the barn level. One of those areas of technical expertise that PIC invested in during the last year is nutrition. Watch the report by Sarah Mikesell live from World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, USA (published at and figure out the latest resources published here on our website.

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2017 - June 6th/7th: PIGS 2022 - The Opportunities


PIC UK is pleased to support the International Outlook Conference "PIGS 2022 - The Opportunities". This conference will take place at The St Johns Hotel in Solihull. Over two days the conference will examine and discuss where the industry might be heading in five years’ time and steps we may need to take to remain competitive.

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Genus, a leading global animal genetics company, and Hermitage, one of the longest established pig breeding companies in Europe, are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement to enter into a strategic partnership covering the supply of porcine genetics in several markets. PIC, Genus’s porcine division, will acquire the genetic rights and intellectual property of Hermitage. Hermitage will also become a strategic supply chain and distribution partner for PIC.

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2017 - January 1st: Unleashing the next genetic revolution


Scientific advances in understanding of the genome are changing livestock breeding. PIC's Genetic Services Manager for Africa and Europe, Craig Lewis, discussed this with PigWorld editor Alistair Driver.

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2016 - Nov 18th: Award Winners 2016


It's end of the year and again time to celebrate successful farmers across the UK - PIC-Producers received several awards. Farmers Weekly: Pig Farmer of the Year Award won by Steve Hart, Norfolk Free Range The well-known British agriculture magazine Farmers Weekly every year recognises the very best of British farmers to celebrate and reward their hard work and passion for the business.

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2016 - August 29th - Sep 2nd: 67th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science – EAAP – in Belfast, UK


Sustainable Food Production: Livestock's Key Role This year the annual EAAP meeting takes place in Belfast from Aug 29 to Sep 2. It is European's largest animal science conference and hosts more than 1,500 delegates and features 1,000 presentations. Dr Craig Lewis, PIC's Genetic Service Manager for Europe, and elected member of the steering committee of the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders (EFFAB), representing all breeding companies, and elected board member of the Farm Animal Breeding & Reproduction Technology Platform (FABRE TP) gave a presentation covering "Pig breeding into the 21st century a view towards 2030 and beyond".

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2016 - Jun 24: PIC Nutrition Update


Adjusted Caloric Efficiency Calculator for PIC Genetics

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2016 - May 31st: Derek Andrews, Pig Manager at Red Lion Farm, wins PIC's raffle at Pig & Poultry Fair


Following the raffle at the UK Pig & Poultry Fair the prize of a Min i-pad was won by Derek Andrews, who is the Pig Manager at Red Lion Farm, Britwell Salome Oxfordshire.

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2016 - May 25: PIC Nutrition Update


Grain particle size for PIC pigs

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2016 - Jun 7 - 10: PIC is proud to support this year's International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS) Congress


The congress will be held in Dublin over four days from June 7th to 10th bringing together world experts in PEDv, PRRSv, New and Emerging Diseases, Management and Reproduction. It will be the 24th edition of the biennial held meeting, but this year it will be a unique event since it will held jointly with the 8th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management. More than 3,000 delegates are expected to attend with speakers from across the globe sharing their expertise in managing pig health and improving pig performance.

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Lively discussions at PIC's stand

2016 - May 16th: Pig & Poultry Fair: Again a lively event this year ...


On May 10th and 11th more than a dozen PIC team members welcomed customers, prospects, and industry contacts to the biannual British Pig and Poultry Fair. During the two day event more than 10,000 people attended and viewed over 350 exhibitions and several speaker forums.

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2016 - April 13th: Martin Lewis wins TVC award


Martin Lewis recently won the Thames Valley Cambac (TVC) Andrew Stockings Memorial Trophy sponsored by PIC for the highest percentage of finished pigs in the Q-box based on weight and backfat measure P2.

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2016 - March 15: PIC Nutrition Update


Economic model for optimum Tryptophan:Lysine ratio for nursery and finishing pigs

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Stephen Wilson (Group Finance Director) and Dan Hartley (Group General Counsel & Company Secretary) with the award they received on Genus’ behalf.



PIC's parent company, Genus plc, has been named 'Best Technology' company at the prestigious PLC awards, which were held in London, UK, on evening of March 3rd. The PLC awards have been running for 30 years to recognise success and achievement amongst publicly quoted companies in the UK.

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2016 - March 1st: Well Received PIC UK Roadshows


Thank you to all of you whom were able to attend one of the four PIC UK road show meetings in late February and for your excellent feedback.

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2016 - Feb 03: PIC Nutrition Update


Tryptophan:Lysine ratio requirement for nursery and finishing pigs

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2015 - Dec 8th: Genus tackles major pig disease with breakthrough technology


Genus (LSE: GNS), a global pioneer in animal genetics, announces the development of the first pigs resistant to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (“PRRSv”), through a long-standing collaboration with the University of Missouri. The production of PRRSv resistant pigs is a significant breakthrough in combating this devastating porcine disease, and Genus is excited to be progressing the development of this technology under an exclusive global license from the University of Missouri.

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