Gene Transfer Center Network

PIC semen is available exclusively from the PIC Gene Transfer Center (GTC) Network. This network, comprised of studs, meets stringent quality, health and genetic guidelines.

PICs Genetic Service Team members work closely with our supply chain, to ensure dissemination in Europe is delivered to our European customer base in line with PIC’s exacting global standards.

The average annual replacement rate across the PIC’s European Gene Transfer Network (GTCs) is greater than 65% for terminal sires and over 100% for maternal lines.  Individual boar index levels are recalculated weekly – system economics and index levels combine to identify boars for removal using our proprietary Optimum Boar Life (OBL) tool.  This high replacement rate capitalizes on PIC’s annual genetic improvement rate, and drives speed to market for dissemination onwards our customer's production systems.

Contact the AI Orderline at 0800 9 17 73 02 for further information.