Animal Welfare

With our focus on pig breeding, we deeply regard respect for animals as one of the core values of our business. PIC personnel are trained to properly handle and care for all the stages of production for which they are responsible. There is no tolerance for mistreatment of animals under PIC’s care by PIC employees or service people.

The pig under our care are reliant on us.  We recognize it is our responsibility to provide:

  • Diets formulated to meet the needs of the particular class of animal.
  • Facilities designed, managed, and maintained to:
    • Provide shelter from extreme weather conditions.
    • Provide fresh, quality air, feed and water.
    • Prevent injury.
    • Provide adequate space.
    • Allow and encourage observation of the individual animal.
    • Provide for care of animals which are ill or injured.
    • Prevent illness, and utilize bio-security to prevent disease entry. 
  • Daily observation to assure:
    • Access to feed.
    • Access to fresh, quality water.
    • Detection of animals which are ill or injured. 
  • Health programs designed to prevent disease entry and minimize illness, injury, or suffering. 
  • Prompt treatment of illness or injury.  In extreme cases, humane euthanasia may be the most appropriate treatment. 
  • Safety in transportation.  Transportation will occur to minimize stress through appropriate stocking density, climate management, and proper handling.
  • Strategies to address foreseeable emergencies