2017 December 01: PIC Health Assurance Team launches ‘Health Document Portal’


As every member country of the European Union understands, being a part of a group that includes multiple countries and cultures is an ongoing exercise in collaboration. These past few years, the PIC Europe Health Assurance team has been continually striving to implement standardized health protocols across our diverse region while allowing some flexibility for the maintenance of regional best practices.
With the help of our Marketing Team, we recently made a big step towards ensuring that every key stakeholder in our region has access to the most current Health Assurance protocols.

Every PIC country based website within Europe now has a ‘Health Document Portal’ which is “username and password accessible”. Every user that is granted access is able to download all of the documents from this library at one time in a ZIP file or one file at a time. This functionality will insure that PIC Europe Health Assurance stakeholders will have the full confidence that at anytime and from any location they are using the most current Health Assurance protocols. For the integrity of the Health Assurance program, this step is a leap forward in our standardization efforts. Many thanks to Health Assurance and Marketing team members that made this electronic document library possible and functional. Please contact Maria Gracia Poggioli (MGracia.Poggioli@genusplc.com) or click on the ‘request password’ button at the ‘Health Document Portal’ log in page to enquire about receiving permission to access to this resource.

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