2017 - September 29: PIC Launches New Gilt & Sow Management Guidelines


We are excited to introduce the latest Guidelines for Gilt & Sow Management. This new manual provides practical recommendations for staff working at a sow farm. PIC experts, PIC customers, and universities from across the globe have contributed to the development of these guidelines.

This manual summarizes good management practices to help multipliers and commercial sow farms maximize the value from their operations. It covers a wide range of topics including gilt management and training, breeding practices, farrowing management, and parity structures for your sow herd. We structured the manual with chapters and tables, so that it is easier to navigate.

To have full access to the new Gilt & Sow Management Guidelines, please click here. We will continue to update as new research becomes available. We will share these updates with you through these Pig Improver newsletters and the PIC website. 

We encourage you to review this manual and reach out to our Technical Service Team with any questions.
We would like to thank all of our friends in the industry who have contributed to these guidelines.

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