2017 - July 01: REQUIRED: Breeding Gilt Grow Out accommodation for a PIC Multiplier


A PIC Multiplier with 1,100 sows requires further grow out accommodation to house pigs from 7 kgs up to 100 kgs.
The Southern half of the UK is the preferred location but other areas may be considered.

The role of this site will be to provide appropriate conditions in which to rear breeding gilts to the desired weight of 100 kg, and select animals to a high standard of quality for PIC customers.

The minimum size required will need to hold 3,000 females and MUST be in an area of low pig density.

If you think you may have a suitable option please contact
Rowley McFarlane of I B & V McFarlane
Phone: 07775 591597 or Email: stytwo@gmail.com

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