2017 - August 13-18: PIC at International Congress of Meat Science and Technology


The 63rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology was held in Cork, Ireland, from the 13th-18th August, 2017. More than 550 delegates from around the world gathered to share their new findings, practical experiences and lessons learned in their respective fields. Scientists, industry representatives and policy experts attended sessions which covered topics from sustainability, production and welfare to meat safety, processing, and the effect on health. Over 450 posters and short papers were presented over the course of the week and printed in the conference proceedings.

PIC was a Gold level sponsor for the congress and one of 24 exhibitors at the congress.

PIC attendees included Andrzej Sosnicki (Applied Product Value Director), Neal Matthews (Product Validation Manager North America), Brandon Fields (Product Validation Manager North America) and Angela Bononat (Product Validation Manager Europe).

Brandon Fields was invited to speak about his poster entitled “Increasing Market Weight has Minimal Effect on Pork Loin Quality”, which was very well received (pictured on the left). Aside from discussion of the presentation, attendees visiting the PIC booth also were eager to discuss the main topics of pork tenderness, boar taint, PIC nutrient recommendations and the PIC philosophy and accomplishments with regards to meat quality.

On the top right picture you see Brandon Fields, Neal Matthews and Angela Bononat discussing Pork Quality with Dr. Kim Matthews from AHDB, UK.

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