2016 - April 13th: Martin Lewis wins TVC award


Martin Lewis recently won the Thames Valley Cambac Pig Marketing (TVC) Andrew Stockings Memorial Trophy sponsored by PIC for the highest percentage of finished pigs in the Q-box based on weight and backfat measure P2.

Martin farms 250 sows and 100 acres of arable in Herefordshire in partnership with his Father Malcolm since 1982, and is third generation Pig farmer.
The business has never previously used PIC genetics and 3 years ago Martin decided to make 3 significant changes to his business,
he changed from a weekly farrowing system to five week batch weaning,
he changed the herd vet to Annie Davis of the George Vet Group Malmesbury
and also changed his genetics to PIC .
The farm has always produced their own gilts within herd, so GP1010’s were bought in and crossed with GP1020 semen, more recently Martin has switched to the GP1020 gilt with GP1010 semen.
Using the Camborough as his commercial sow and the PIC337 sire line.

Martin commented “ That following all the changes and upheaval it was good to now be seeing the benefit.”

Martin is married with 3 daughters and cousin to Craig of PIC's Genetic Service team.

About TVC:
TVC is a leading Pig Marketing Co-operative in the United Kingdom.
The Company was established in the mid 70’s and markets farmers’ pigs to all the leading processors in the United Kingdom.

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